Help Cersei with her bath

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Catelyn wended her way to the Queen's apartments in Winterfell, a large, richly decorated chamber that had hosted such dignitaries as Good Queen Alysanne. Inside she found the Queen clad in a gown of Lannister red and gold, curiously alone, and standing before a bathtub.

"Thank you, Lady Stark, for being so prompt," she said, smiling formally. Cersei gestured to the fireplace, where a large kettle filled with water was hung. "I've water warming up. Though your servants said I wouldn't have to keep much..."

"Indeed," said Catelyn. "Winterfell was built on hot springs that keep many of the rooms quite warm, so if you heat the water, it will stay that way..."

"Excellent," said Cersei, sliding out of her dress to Catelyn's immense surprise. "Then if you will pour the water we can begin." Cat found herself staring at the Queen's firm ass and flawless skin as she went to get the water from the kettle. Then Cersei turned, allowing Cat to take in her exquisite breasts. "Lady Stark, I have to ask, why haven't you undressed? Do you want to spoil that nice dress of yours?"

What does Catelyn do?

(Alias the Rat)

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