House Lannister: Hear Me Roar- Left Behind (Martyn)

From Create Your Own Story

“It took nine of you to rape three unarmed squires!?” questioned Robb Stark.

“Not rape, your grace. Vengeance.” the Karstark man replied.

“Vengeance?” the King repeated. “They didn’t rape your sons. I saw Harrion fucked on the battlefield and Torrhen…”

“Choked on the Kingslayer’s cock. They were his kin.”

“They were BOYS!” Stark roared.

After the defilement of you and your kin, Rickard Karstark and his men fled into the country, taking Willem and Tion with them. You were left behind, passing out having saved you as the Karstark men couldn’t carry you out while fighting Stark guards. Robb Stark was furious at the betrayal of his bannerman, sending riders after the traitors, but most had already slipped away. Only one of the men had been captured and he was now being brought back to face the King.

Laying at the foot of Robb’s throne was the direwolf Grey Wind, it had grown to a gigantic size and was terrifying to look at. Dwarfing the men beside it, the traitor kept stealing nervous glances at the beast. Robb Stark was not impressed by the man’s justification for the attack, declaring that he be sent to ‘the wolf cell’ whatever that was, with the direwolf following them after.

At first, Robb decided to triple the guard around you, for a number of reasons. Mainly, it was that he had lost so much to gain you and your kin, a trade he considered a mistake based on Edmund Tully’s failures. As such, he could not afford to lose you, otherwise, everything he had sacrificed would have been worthless. The other reason was to stop such behavior from happening again, disobedience in the men was something he would not allow.

Of course, this didn’t work out too well, the issue being that you, permanently changed by the influence of Northern cock, spent most of your time now being pounded by your guards. This was not discovered for several weeks, there was no need for food to be delivered when your guards held everything you needed in their balls. The maids no longer came either, there was no point, your clothes had been abandoned long ago and all the bedsheets were permanently stained and ruined.

You had no idea how long it had been since the fateful day you had been given the taste of cock. Time had become a blurred mess of musky lower class peasant cocks forced into almost every hole, filling your stomach with their thick spunk. The very thought of it was too delicious, you, a member of the greatest house in Westeros, completely helpless in the face of a band of lowly guards, sworn to your mortal enemies. Used and abused, their peasant cum pooled on the ground where you failed to catch it in your mouth, they would occasionally take a break from reaming you, making you lap up the sweet nectar like an animal.

You let the men, though beasts would be more accurate, take you completely, let them use every single slutty hole until they were spent. Even when your broken body could take no more, the men rutted with your unconscious form. Awaking hours later, cum slowly oozing out of your ass, you would feel your stomach and smile at the wonderfully hot sensation traveling through you.

Eventually, the Northern King learned of what was happening and decided to spoil your fun. In the middle of your ninth cock of the day (it was still your breakfast), more Stark men stormed into the cell and seized you, dragging you to the king. So, completely naked and dripping with Northern cum, you stood before him in the very populated throne room of Riverrun Castle. You hadn’t had to use your voice for much more than begging for sweet cum for as long as you could remember, but you managed to shaky “Yes, your Grace” when Robb Stark decreed you be sent back home, in exchange for a Northern prisoner ”Robett Glover”. You hoped he was having as much fun as you were!

The feeling was bittersweet though, sure you wanted to go home, but then how would you be able to justify indulging in your addiction? Solemnly, you were taken away, protesting as the servants washed away the ‘signs of love’ your lovers had gifted you and reluctantly dressing into something ‘appropriate’.

It wasn’t all bad though, you had plenty of company on the trip, you’re sure you could find some way to pass the time…

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