House Lannister: Hear Me Roar- Rickard Karstark

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“Is this a rescue?” asked Willem, as armed men burst into your tower cell.

“Lannister filth!” roared Rickard Karstark, forcing your brother to the ground while his men closed on you and your cousin, Tion Frey.

Each of you had the typical Lannister golden hair and emerald eyes, eyes which widened in fear as you and Tion were seized from behind. Captured in the battle of Oxcross with your fellow squires, it was said that the Young Wolf, Robb Stark, had turned into a giant wolf before descending on the Lannister Army. Now captured at Riverrun, you have heard that the Stark Army has also suffered, the sons of Rickard Karstark having been captured by Lannister forces.

According to the conversations overheard by the maids and guards of the prison, Lord Karstark was furious over the rumors of his sons’ treatment under the Lannisters, they were doing more than simply holding them in a cell. This is surely just Northern lies, of course, no Southern Knight would lack the honor to exploit those young lordlings. Unlike these Northerners, who are said to feed on the flesh of their enemies, though others confusing claim that they instead feed their own flesh to defeated enemies, whatever that could mean.

It was on the day of you and Willem’s eighteenth nameday, that Karstark unleashed his vengeance. Storming through the prison, he and his men now held the three of you captive.

“Please, I didn’t do anything! I’m just a squire!” Willem begged, as the older man ripped apart his clothing.

“Silence!” Karstark yelled, tearing the Lannister surcoat, while you and Tion are forced to your knees.

Pale, unblemished skin is revealed as Willem is left completely exposed, before being forced onto his stomach by the Northerners. Turning to his men, Karstark gives a slight nod, as he begins to remove his own clothes. You see little else, however, as your head is suddenly forced onto the dungeon floor by the men.

You cry out, both in surprise and fear, as you are held down by three of your sworn enemies, all now in various states of undress. Suddenly, your head is yanked up by your hair, as a dagger is drawn in front of your neck. Slashing down, the blade tears through your clothes, revealing yourself to the men.

You try to fight against their hold once again, hearing sudden cries from your cellmates. The men said nothing, letting their new toy struggle as they looked on at your naked form. Then, hands went to work. Wrapping a hand around your throat, one of the men also grabs your hair, holding your head in place. Your heart begins pounding even harder, as the other hands begin to grope and molest your entire body. However, this is completely invisible to you, instead, your vision is obscured by nine inches of Northern cock resting on your face. At the head, you can see drops precum already snaking their way along the length.

The man presses his cock forcefully against your lips, but you hold them shut, biting your lip. In response, the hand around your neck closed hard, crushing your airway, only taking a few seconds to force open your mouth. Sliding his cock into your mouth, the man forces your head forward to near take the entire thing, choking you and making it impossible to bite down, the sheer weight holding open your jaw.

Mind racing, you try in vain to pull away from the man with one hand now firmly at the back of your head and the other around your throat. You didn’t want any of this! You had always dreamed of your first time being special, a gallant knight like in the old tales. At last, your eyes fall on your brother, Willem. Muffled moaning came from him, as the disgusting men groped and fondled him, one of them has forced a drool covered cock into his mouth. Rickard Karstark had buried himself deep within his ass, yet at least half of his penis was still on display, the largest in the room. For a brief second, your eyes meet, before the lord pushed further into his ass and the young squire’s eyes roll back, accompanied by a girly squeal.

You gag into your rapist’s crotch, as the intruder pushed further down your throat. You could feel the heat of it, pressing against the bottom of your throat and back again. Picking up more speed and more pain, the cycle continued as your vision became blurred, eyes also rolling back into your skull. You wanted to scream, but nothing could be heard between the muffling of the man’s crotch and the squealing of Willem and Tion.

Every intrusion left you gagging, trying to push away from the meat, but rough hands held you in place. Eventually, you try to push it away with your tongue, but as the sperm-dripping cock glides across your taste buds, it makes your head swum. Moaning softly at the pleasurable taste, you are shaken by the pathetic sound that escaped your lips. You can’t enjoy this!

Hands grabbed at your nipples, flicking and pulling on your chest as if you were being milked! Suddenly, you squeal, as the unmistakable feeling of a tongue flicks one of your nipples, before the fondling continues. Then, out of sight hands grab hold of your asscheeks, slowly separating them as something pressed against your hole. Hot and wet, it slowly began to probe your rear, pulled back, before pushing all the way inside you. A choked scream can barely be heard as the last of your innocence is stolen away.

After what seemed like days, the pain dulled and your mind begins to change. Groans and attempts to bite transformed into whorish moans and a newborn slut’s first few attempts at a blowjob. You can feel the thrusting inside you, as a real man’s cock pounds your prostate, while the mouth-punishment, groping and occasional slap to the ass all went on.

All once, the cocks begin to expand, shuddering as a river of cum begins to pour into you from both ends. Othe cocks you hadn’t noticed began to cover your skin, while you do your best to swallow every drop in your mouth. Your own pathetic orgasm follows after, with meek whimpers of pleasure as you are dropped on the floor.

If you had a mirror, you would be shocked at the state of you, as northern cum leaks from your ass, covered head to toe in sperm and your new favorite meal is painting your throat white. Laughing at you, your captors spit on you before one grabs you by the hair, dragging you to hands and knees. Facing you is your twin, likewise painted by your captors, the only difference being that Lord Karstark continued to thrust into him.

They make you crawl on your hands and knees to face your brother, watching the delicious treat going to waste as it drips down his face and pools in his mouth. Leaning forward, you take a long lick of cum all the way up his face, much to the amusement of the Northmen. It’s not enough. This time, you and Willem’s cum-drenched lips meet as you passionately thrust your tongue into his mouth, devouring the semen not yet swallowed, like a greedy bitch.

Only now realizing how exhausted you are, you collapse to the floor, sleeping soundly with dreams of cock yet to suck, knowing this is your true place. As you fade away, the Northmen yell out in surprise or anger, yet which or why you do not know, as you drift away feeling the warmth leaking out of you…

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