Inside the great hall to join the festivities

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Sansa opened the door to the great hall. Her eyes were met with the glow of warm light and her ears were serenaded with the sound of music, laughter, and lively conversation. It was a beautiful sight there were smiling faces everywhere, and flowers and wreaths were hung wherever there was empty space.

The tables were full of food. There was chicken, pheasant, turkey, cornbread, pie, cheese, lemon cakes (Sansa's favorite) and all sorts of courses that overlapped one another. Just the aroma made her mouth water.

Sansa searched over the crowd for a place to sit. Gods, Sansa thought. There were only three seats left, and Winterfell's great hall was huge. The King might as well have brought a whole city with him. There was a seat next to Joffrey who wore the same disgusted look as always even in such a festive occasion. There was a seat next to Jon who was not allowed to sit with the rest of the family on account of his bastardization; he looked a bit lonely. Lastly, there was a seat next to Jeyne Poole, Sansa's best friend, who was getting some unwanted attention from a man thrice her age; she looks in need of help.

Where does Sansa sit?

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