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Hello, Hammerhead1004 here, "original creator" of the Game of Thrones Fantasy story. While making these stories I used other stories, be they choose your own adventure stories or fan fictions, to help complete stories. Any pages I took directly I did with permission and gave them credit. Other stories were used for inspiration and some are just damn good stories that put me in the mood to write. Just wanted to create a little library of them for my use and anybody else who wants some good game of thrones smut/erotica. Enjoy!

Sacking King's Landing by TurinTurambar on

I used this story as the basis for writing my own take on the idea. His story is top quality and I encourage checking it out.

Game of Thrones by CuchulainnHound 77 on

Nice choose your own adventure in GoT universe. Grammar is not the best in places but he Arya arch is amazing. I also enjoed the Ned Arch.

A Song of Grunts and Moans by FanfictionWriter101 on fanfiction:

Game of Moans: Fuck Or Be Fucked by FanfictionWriter10 on fanfiction:

These two stories are some of the best GoT fanfiction I have read. They include a ton of combinations and includes a great Bran/Cersei arch. I also enjoyed how Arya and Myrcella were handled.

Tyrions Adventure by wnelson001 on archiveofourown:

Great story with a lot of good pairings. I like how the direwolves are integrated into the story. Very hot.

Oh Fuck Me Running by Cambrian Becket on fanfiction:

Great story where an OC wakes up in Joffrey's body. Intresting spin on the tale that I might make a story out of.

All Roads Must End by Cambrian Becket on fanfiction:

Definitely making a story with this. Amazing idea that could be expanded to so many other situations with Dany. This is a story I'm looking forward to writing.

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