It's the Forrester Girl

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It was, once again, the Forrester girl, this time accompanied by another girl about her age, lighter brown hair and softer, more southron, somewhat sensual features.

"Lord Stark, we are to make sure you have anything you wish for. Is there anything you need?"

Robb took a good look at them. The new girl seemed less shy and smiled at him with fluttering eyelashes, clearly interested in him.

"What's your name?", he asked her.

She made a step forward. "I'm Sera Durwell, milord, at your service. I was a handmaiden to Lady Margaery, and I am unbound and available for marriage."

Mira Forrester suppressed a slight gasp, and Robb smiled. Did she seriously hope for him to marry her? She was a pretty thing, no doubt, but the Lord of Winterfell would only ever marry a daughter of one of his bannermen or a maiden from another Great House. He quickly considered putting those two girls to good use before going to bed...

What does Robb decide to do?

Robb puts them to good use

Robb decides some mouthwork is needed

Robb dismisses them


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