It turns Arya on

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Eddard's hand came down hard on Arya's ass. She gasped at the impact, the smack vibrating through her entire body. She was glad she had her smallclothes to cushion the blow, but the blow had still hurt. Another spank made Arya grunt, but also made her feel something else. Something warm inside. After a few more spanks, she realized she was getting turned on! Gasps and barely contained moans were mixed in with her grunts as she began to apreciate her punishment more and more.

Soon, she found herself bringing her ass back to meet his hand. Closing her eyes, she imagined her father doing more than just spanking her. She imagined him thrusting his hard dick into her waiting cunt, spanking her as he fucked her against the tree. She bit her lips and looked to the side, her eyes meeting Sansa's. She was still leaning against the godswood, ass exposed, but now she was smiling knowingly. She even gave Arya a little wink.

"Have you learned not to be naughty?" muttered her lord father, his voice heavy and thick. "Will you be good girls now?"

"Unngh," groaned Sansa. "Yes. Ss-Sorry... father..."

"Sorry," Arya whimpered.

"That... that's better," muttered Eddard. "Now... lower your skirts, and... let us go."

Arya and Sansa backed away from the tree, turning as they did so. As she lowered her dress over her aching rear, Arya heard her sister gasp. Sansa was staring wide-eyed at their father, and it didn't take Arya long to figure out what had caught her attention. Eddard's manhood was straining against the seams of his breeches, heavy and hard. Arya joined her sister in staring at in fascination. As she watched, Arya licked her lips...

What happens next?

(Alias the Rat)

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