Jaime remembers something (Arya)

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"Shit!" Jaime yells, withdrawing from his sister. She looks back up at him, angry and annoyed.

"What!" She snapped, looking back at her brother.

"The king asked me to give Joffrey another swordplay lesson," Jaime replied, pulling up his pants.

"Joffrey can miss one lesson." Cersei stood up and walked over to her brother. He boobs were still out, and bounced as she walked. "There are more important things to do."

"Remember what the king did to you last time I displeased him?" Jaime asked, his mood darkening. Cersei nodded, a mutual understanding between them. "Don't worry, sweet sister, I'll be quick. Just stay right here." He leaned in and captured his sisters lips, making out for a few seconds, before he hurried down the stairs.

"Jackass," Cersei mumbled, going back to the blanket the siblings had laid down, "He couldn't even reserve one fucking hour for me." She groaned, lying down on her back. After waiting for a minute or two, a grin appeared on her lips.

Bran watched with awe as she began to unlace her dress. The front fell forward, revealing her toned stomach. She soon shimmied out of the rest of it, revealing her curvy hips and amazing pussy. As she spread her legs, bran saw her pubic hair was trimmed neatly, her hair a golden blonde even down there. Bran was taken aback by her beauty. She had a mature look to her, but yet her skin was still smooth and almost without imperfection. The only mark he could see was her stretch marks, and even they turned Bran on in a weird way.

Tilting her head back, she moved her right hand down to her pussy. She took her clit in between her index and middle finger, rolling it between them. Her left hand began to squeeze and paw at her beautiful, full breasts. One of the benefits of being a mother of three was her amazing large rack, which didn't sag at all. Her fingers moved downward, plunging into her sex. She moaned as her fingers wriggled inside of her, finding her sweet spot. She moaned and closed her eyes, envisioning her true love, her brother. She worked a third finger in as well, pleasuring herself gently before beginning to thrust them in and out.

Bran couldn't take it anymore. He undid the laces on his pants and fished out his cock. Staring at the beautiful Queen, he began to stroke his dick. He closed his eyes and imagined the Queen beneath him, her legs spread for him. He imagined sucking on her soft, tender breasts as he pounded in and out of her. She would moan his name as he fucked her, and he would cum deep in her pussy. He let out a soft moan as he imagined her in all sorts of positions. He imagined Arya there too, sitting on the Queen's face and kissing Bran as he fucked the royal cunt.

(Cersei's POV)

Cersei opened her eyes, confused. She thought she had just heard a moan. She scanned the room, and was surprised to see a boy on the windowsill. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be jerking off. She quietly walked over to him, the boy still not aware he'd been caught. She recognized him as Bran Stark, one of Eddard's sons. The Queen also saw that he was jerking off, obviously thinking about her. She was at first worried that he had seen her with Jaime. However, she was also filled with a lust she hadn't thought she could feel for such a young boy. She knew she needed him, and grinned when she thought about how she would achieve this goal.

(Bran's POV)

Bran opened his eyes, eager to get another look at the royal pussy. He was surprised, though, to see the Queen mere inches away from him. He yelped in surprise, almost stumbling backward off the tower. Cersei grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close to her.

"Seem's I've caught myself a pervert," she fumed, feigning angry, "And a Stark at that."

"I'm so sorry my queen, I-I-I just, I'm sorry I was just climbing and I heard you moaning and I saw you and -" Bran was stammering so fast he didn't realize the mistake he just made.

The Queen's eyes narrowed, and she brought Bran closer to her, her breasts rubbing against his shirt. "Me and who," she asked harshly. Bran could feel the heat of her breath.

"You and Jaime. I swear I won't tell anyone, I swear it on the old gods and the new."

Cersei's eyes widened in panic for just a moment, before she regained her calm and collected demeanor. "It would be best to just kill you," she snarled, causing the frightened Bran to shudder, "But I know a better way to earn your silence." She released her grip on the young boy and walked into the room, becokoning Bran to follow her. He did without question, not wanting to anger the Queen.

"I want you to please your Queen," she stated, smiling seductively, "You have a pretty big cock for a boy so young. In exchange, you will never tell a soul about what you saw here. Agreed?"

Bran nods, already drooling at the prospect of fucking such a beautiful woman. At her command he strips down to his birthday suit, his cock still at attention. Cersei, still very much in control of the situation, contemplates how to handle the young Stark.

What does Cersei do?

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