Joffrey wants to fuck her tits

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"Well well ..." Joffrey grinned, red faced and breathing hard despite the bored arrogance his voice projected. "Not so bad for a worthless northern bitch, but not enough for my princely spear, it would seem." Arya looked at the king's son, a glistening glob of saliva running down her chin. "Stupid prick!" she muttered

"My mother says I am about to marry your whore sister," Joffrey said, ignoring her, "I hope she will be a better cocksucker then you, little girl."

"I am not a little girl" Arya hissed angry.

"A little girl who hasn't even learned to suck cock," Joffrey mocked, stepping closer to the kneeling shewolf, "But your sister, on the other hand, seems to be quite the woman, buxom and beautiful. In other words, everything you're not." He flapped his cock in Arya's spit covered face. His manhood was still hard as steel, Arya's spit covering it. She starred at the royal jewel presented to her. She remembered the salty strangely delicious taste on her tongue when she'd had it in her mouth. The thought that her older sister would claim this perfectly hot piece of meat for her own infuriated her.

"Give me chance, it will be worth your while" Arya said, stroking Joffery's prick and giving it a few licks. Joffery chuckled.

"Very well. I'll give you a chance to prove yourself. One chance." He then grabbed Arya's shirt and ripped it off. Her breasts weren't big enough to warrant a bra, so her nipples were exposed.

“What small, pathetic tits,” he growled, straddling her chest. He held her tits in place and moved forward, sliding his dick between the twin mounds. There wasn't much to fuck, but he mde up for it by making her suck his dick. She had to crane her neck forward to suck it, which was very uncomfortable for her. This fact just turned Joffrey on more.

“I bet your sister's tits would be better. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle,” he grunted, pinching and twisting the nipples while keeping his movement.

Arya screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure at his actions, letting her upper body be used like a real-life fuck doll. His cock muffled what would have been a rather loud scream.

In this position, with a man sitting on her belly, the princess of Winterfell soon found herself hitting her own breaking point. Arya gave a muffled, loud moan as she came hard, her juices soaking her smallclothes, to the point she was sure her shorts would have a wet spot. She couldn't believe she'd cum from this. He hadn't even touched her. She realized she loved being used and degraded. She wanted nothing else but Joffrey's cock.

Seeing her cum, Joffery humped her chest with renewed vigor, moving his cock faster and harder against her tits while also slapping them. After a while, he got up, and started jerking off over her half-naked, abused body. In no time he climaxed, shooting his semen directly at her naked chest. After he was done, Arya moaned and fondled her own breasts, smearing his cum all over herself.

"What a cumslut," Joffrey laughed, "Time for the real fun."

What does Joffrey do next??

(number95 & adric)

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