Leaving King's Landing (Path Four)

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The parade leaving King's Landing was as grand as the fealty ceremony. Stannis gave a speech at the gates of the Red Keep, saying farewell to the great houses and urging them to prepare for Winter. With that last farewell, the great houses marched away in a similar order as the fealty ceremony. First the Starks, then House Baratheon, led by Lord Davos. After them came the Tullys, the Martells, the Arynns, the Tyrells, the Greyjoys, and finally the Lannisters, again led by Littlefinger. Jon and Mance made up the end of the parade. Kings Landing cheered as they walked by, throwing flowers from the windows. One man was preaching about how Stannis defiled the Sept of Baelor, but he was soon carried away. Other than that, the parade occurred without incident.

Sansa had decided to ride in the carriage with Shae, so she had company. Stannis hadn't wanted to parade the Targaryen around, as some may of began to question his reign. This had happened a bit after the fealty ceremony, and he didn't want that happening again. Robb had had the idea to put Daenerys and Cersei in their own private carriage with no windows. The carriage was not very ornate and ran in the back, protected by Jon. Inside, both Cersei and Daenerys were blindfolded and gagged, treated like the prisoners they were. Instead of Sansa, Arya rode at his side, looking as strong as ever. Robb was proud to be her brother, and an incredible feeling of lust washed over him as he watched her ride through King's Landing. Am I in love with Arya too? Robb thought to himself.

To roaring applause and fanfare, the procession finally left the city gates and began their journey on the Kingsroad.

On the Road

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