Let Arya Decide (Arya POV)

From Create Your Own Story

Robb thought for a moment, before turning to his sister.

"It is not for me to decide, your grace," Robb finally said to Stannis, "My sister should be in control of her own destiny. She should decide."

"Very well," Stannis turned to face Arya, "Arya Stark, would you like to train with Melisandre, or would you like to go with your brother?"

Arya was nervous. She held her future in her hands. Her decision here would drastically alter he future.

On one hand, the Red Women's offer was enticing. Since Syrio Forel was dead, she had no other way to learn swordplay. If she went with Robb, she would surely be married off to some lord eventually. This could be her only chance to realize her dream.

However, she had heard terrifying stories of the Red Women and her magic. What would be the cost of her knowledge? She would also be separated from her family. Eventually, Robb would return to Winterfell, and they wouldn't see each other for who knows how long.

Everyone was looking at her expectantly. What answer does she give?

Go with Melisandre

Turn down Melisandre's offer

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