Meeting Cersei (Afternoon)

From Create Your Own Story

Robb decided to visit the former Queen, Cersei Lannister. He had a special hatred for her - while it had been Joffrey who had executed father, Cersei was the figure behind it all. House Lannister had paid already, but Cersei personally had a debt to the Stark family - and a Lannister always paid his, or in this case her, debts. She would suffer at his hand, that much was clear.

Unlike the Targaryen girl, she was not given the comforts of a bedroom, but was sitting in a cold dungeon cell. Robb considered just visiting her down there for some dirty, degrading prisoner rape - but he could also send for her, have her washed and dressed in her best Lannister gowns, just to tear them off again. There was some special appeal to fucking a woman in a queenly outfit...

Which does Robb choose?

He calls her to his room

He goes to her cell


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