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In the doorway stood Myrcella Baratheon. Arya remembered her from the feast at Winterfell, which felt like it had happened a lifetime ago. The princess had certantly grown up since then. She was wearing a red dress, which draped down to her ankles. There was no Lannister gold, only the red of R'hllor. The neckline of the dress was deep, accentuated her B-cup breasts.

"What are you doing here," Arya inquired. Her initial reaction was to cover herself. However, remembering Melisandre's teachings, she let herself be exposed.

Myrcella was briefly shocked by Arya's openness. "I w-w-was instructed by Lady Melisandre to lead you to the baths," she mumbled, gesturing to the door.

"Cool," Arya said, walking toward Myrcella, "Lead the way."

Myrcella nodded, taking a still naked Arya by the hand and walking her down the hall.

"So, how did you come to be an aprientice of Melisandre's?" Arya asked as they walked down the hall. Two Queen's men passed them, briefly admiring Arya. She payed them no mind.

"Well, I was in Dorne when Lord... I mean King Stannis took the city. Stannis sent for me and Dorne turned me over, to show of their fealty." There was a bitterness in her voice. "Stannis was going to keep me as a hostage, but luckily Lady Melisandre intervened and asked if she could train me."

"Are there any other apprentices I should know about?" Arya asked as they arrived at the baths.

"Well, there's Shireen. She's Stannis' daughter. She's nice, but don't stare at her face. You'll know what I mean when you see her. And there's also Pod. He's nice, but he's real shy around girls. It's kinda funny." She giggled the last part. Arya smiled, admiring the girl's innocence.

"So, when your done, put this on," She gestured to some red cloth slung over a chair, "And meet Lady Melisandre in the courtyard. Do you know where that is? If you go left, then take a right, then go up the stairs it's right around the corner. You can't miss it."

"Thanks," Arya replied, already forgetting the directions. She would find her way. She was to busy admiring her fellow student. She really had grown since she'd last seen her. She was much more beautiful now. Arya even considered having some fun with her.

"Do you need anything else?" She asked cheerfully.

Does Arya ask Myrcella to join her in the bath?


No, she lets her leave

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