The Fealty Ceremony

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The Fealty Ceremony began with a procession through Kings Landing. Everybody was there. Stannis and Melisandre led the party, Davos and Shireen right behind him, along with a few other Lords and Ladies pledged to Stannis. Then came Robb, Sansa, and Arya, who had the Umbers, Karstarks, and various other Northern lords behind him. Daenarys was also with him, in the finery of a lady. After them came the Tullys, led by Edumure and the Blackfish, with other nobles of the Riverlands proceeding them. Next was Dorne, with Oberyn Martell and his paramour, followed by some other Dornish nobility. Last of the loyal houses was House Aryn, led by Lysa and Robin, Robb's aunt and cousin. The other lords of the Vale were behind them.

After them came the defeated houses. Margaery led the Tyrells, accompanied by her brother, her father, and many other lords of the Reach. Ollena Tyrell, her grandmother, did not attend, claiming she was to old to make the trip. Theon followed them, representing House Greyjoy. Few ironborn were with him, except for Asha, his sister. Finally, House Lannister marched by. Littlefinger had been gifted Casterly Rock, and rode at the head of the procession. Tyrion and Jaime wore chains, and walked the route, unlike everyone else, who was on horseback. Cersei Lannister was also among the Lannister prisoners, but was given a cage to ride in, at Robb's request. Food was thrown at them as they walked by. After them, Jon, with the Night Watch, along with Mance Rayder and some wildlings, marched by.

Once they reached the Sept of Baelor, now a church of the Red God, everyone dismounted. Firstly, Davos was gifted Storm's End, until a son of a Baratheon claimed it. He was also given Dragonstone, to be the seat of his children and House Seaworth. Then, Jon Snow and Mance Rayder talked of the upcoming fight with the Others. They told of how the wildlings had been brought behind the wall, and soon all of Westeros would need to fight the White Walkers. Stannis allowed the wildlings to be settled on the Gift, as long as they did not break the King's laws and paid tax to the Night's Watch, which Mance accepted. King Stannis also promised to fight the Others when they arrived.

Next came the Kneeling. Margaery, Littlefinger, Robb, Oberyn, Theon, Edmure, Lysa, Jon, and Mance all lined up in a half circle around their new king. They pledged their loyalty to their new king, uniting the Seven Kingdoms under Stannis. Robb was named Warden of the North, and formally gifted Cersei, Margaery, and Daenarys.

Finally, the Lannister prisoners were denounced as criminals and traiters, then executed on the steps, like Robb's father had been. Cersei was spared the sword, but made to watch her family line die. Robb could see Arya smile as revenge was carried out. After their beheading, The Sept of Baelor was renamed the Church of Stannis, and Melisandre was named High Priestess of Westeros. She gave a speech about fighting darkness or something. Robb, a follower of the Old Gods, wasn't really paying attention.

After the ceremony, a mass celebration ensued. Food was served at in and around the Red Keep. Each house had brought their own dish, so the food was among the best in the world. Robb enjoyed the meal with his sisters, brothers, and friends. Margaery Tyrell also sat near him, and made quite the impression on him. Every minute with her she seduced him more. Sansa noticed this, and she was a bit hurt, but knew in her heart Robb had to find a wife who wasn't his sister.

After the feast, the Starks retired to their rooms. Arya once again went to Jon's room, the two both a bit drunk. Robb and Sansa shared a kiss before returning to their own rooms. Robb would of joined her, but he had some letters to write. He had to inform all the Northern Houses of his, and subsequently their, fealty to Stannis. It was boring work, but it had to be done.

After an hour or two of writing and sealing letters, someone knocked on his door.

"Come in," Robb ordered, wondering who would disturb him at this hour. He secretly hoped it was Sansa, in the mood for some fun.

Who walks in?

A wildling girl walks in

A short, beautiful girl walks in

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